Istanbul, Turkey
August 13th - 15th, 1999
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Dear colleagues,

On 11 August 1999 a total eclipse will cross Europe and the Middle East. The chances of clear skys increase as we progress eastward through Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. Taking into account political unrest, Turkey appears the best compromise site and we expect large numbers of scientists and other eclipse goers will converge there. With this in mind, we, the astronomers at the Kandilli Observatory, Turkey, are preparing to hold a symposium, “The last total solar eclipse of the millennium”. This symposium would be held a few days after the eclipse in Istanbul so that travel expenses for participants would be minimal. A Scientific Organising Committee has been constituted and they have come up with program topics believed to be timely and important.
This announcement is to bring you up-to-date on the meeting planning at this time and to help you to firm up your plans to participate.


Vladimir Dermendjiev (Bulgaria)
Cheng Fang (China)
Eijiro Hiei (Japan)
Iraida Kim (Russia)
Serge Koutchmy (France)
William Livingston (USA, Chairman)
Atila Ozguc (Turkey)
Jay Pasachoff (USA)
Arthur Poland (USA)
Vojtech Rusin (Slovak Republic)
Jan Stenflo (Switzerland)


Levent Altaş
Tamer Ataç
Arzu Bölge
Ayten Düzgelen
Ahmet Işıkara (Chairman)
Mustafa Kartopu (Magister Tours, Inc.)
Okan Kıvanç (Magister Tours, Inc.)
Atila Özgüç (Co-chairman)
Engin Sözen
Cumhure Üçer
Hülya Yeşilyaprak

LOC: eclips99@boun.edu.tr
Mail: TSE Symposium, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Cengelkoy 81220 Istanbul Turkey
Fax : (90)-216-332 1711


    With the continuous observations currently realised by YOHKOH and SOHO, and now the high resolution views from TRACE, our knowledge of the corona is advancing at a remarkable pace. It has proven difficult, however, to tie together the transition-zone and coronal structures observed from space to lower solar structure. Combining space observations with complementary ground-based eclipse measurements may enable us to do that. The main objective of this proposed colloquium is to provide exposure for such discussions.
    At least the above is one topic. The circumstances of a total eclipse are so unique that a vast number of natural phenomena are revealed that beg to be studied and understood. These range from the chromospheric flash, the corona itself which extends many solar radii from the sun, the zodiacal light, the shadow of the moon and its transient influence on the earth's atmosphere (the cooling and local meteorology), and a host of other subjects. Eclipse experimenters are a diverse and clever lot. We desire to provide a forum for all aspects of the eclipse experience that have a scientific basis.

List of Topics:


V. Dermendjiev, C. Fang , E. Hiei *, I. Kim , S. Koutchmy, P. Lamy, W. Livingston, A. Poland, V. Rusin, E. Spiegel, J. Stenflo.

* Not confirmed yet.


Invited talks, oral contributions and posters will be published as a separate volume of Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Conference Series. Up to 10 pages will be provided for the invited talks and up to 6 pages for oral contributions and 4 pages for posters.
Information on manuscript submission and style files will be given in the final announcements.


The registration fee of the conference is US $ 125. This will be reduced to US$ 75 for the PhD students. If paid after May 31, 1999 the registration fee will amount respectively US$ 150 and US$ 100. This can be paid with credit cards or bank transfers or at the registration desk upon arrival. The conference fee includes the price of the symposium materials, Symposium Program & Abstract Booklet, proceedings book, coffee breaks, and the Welcome Party. The registration fee for accompanying persons is US$ 75 per person. This fee covers the Welcome Party and daily city tours on August 13 and 14, 1999.


Nationals of the following countries can enter Turkey with a valid passport; a visa is not required:

Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Granada, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhistan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzistan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of South Africa, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, St. Lucia, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad, Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Vatican City .

Nationals of the following countries require a visa:
Up to one month:
Nationals of the Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Commonwealth of Independent States (except Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Kyrgyzistan and Turkmenistan), Estonia, Guatemala, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America and Yugoslavia can obtain a sticker visa at border gates
Nationals of all other countries require a visa, which can be obtained from the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate.
If you need a particular form of invitation (for administrative or Visa purposes) please contact the LOC as soon as possible.


    Istanbul embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia, the other to Europe. Through city's heart, the Bosphorus Strait, course the waters of the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn. Today Istanbul honors and preserves the legacy of its past as the former capital of three successive empires - the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman - while looking forward to its modern future.
    Indeed, it is Istanbul's variety that fascinates its visitors. The museums, castles, palaces, great mosques, bazaars and sights of natural beauty seem inexhaustible. As you recline on the shores of the Bosphorus at sunset contemplating the red evening light reflected in the windows on the opposite shore you understand, suddenly and profoundly, why so many centuries ago settlers chose to build on this remarkable site. At times such as these, you feel that Istanbul is truly one of the most glorious cities in the world.
    In addition to its unique historical and cultural background and innumerable attractions, the modern hotels, exclusive restaurants, night clubs and shops make Istanbul a superb site for meetings, conferences and conventions.
    The symposium will be held in downtown Istanbul, in the buildings of the Istanbul Technical University, Macka Campus (ITU Social Club) . A conference room (air-conditioned) seating up to 150 people, two smaller rooms and adjacent areas for poster presentation will be available. Coffee breaks and registration will be held in the same place.
    The weather is not difficult to predict. Usually, the weather is pleasant at the time of our symposium. The average maximum temperature (noon) is 28 ° C and the average minimum temperature (night) is about 19 ° C.


Deadline for the reservation is MAY 31.
Accommodation will be available at nearby hotels to provide a complete choice of accommodation in different price categories. All hotels selected for this Meeting are located in the same area, and in 4 to 12 minutes easy walking distance to each other as well as to the Meeting venue.
Hotel's Name
Swissotel Bosphorus *
Parksa Hilton Hotel
Taslik Hotel
ITU Guesthouse
Single US$ 
Double US$
(Meeting venue) 
* Swissotel room rates include service charges and 15 % VAT, but do not include breakfast.

All above prices are daily room rates quoted in US Dollars (US$), including breakfast, service charges and 15 % VAT.
  Swissotel: 600 rooms. All rooms with bathroom, direct dial telephone, voice mail, music, TV satellite system, computer book-up, air conditioning, minibar, hair-dryer. Hotel has 9 restaurants, 6 bars, a night club, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Turkish bath and a sauna. In city center, airport 24 km.
    Parksa Hilton Hotel: 123 rooms. All roms with bathroom, direct dial telephone, music, TV satellite system, air-conditioning, minibar, hair-dryer, safe box. Hotel has a restaurant and a bar and coiffeur.
  Taslik Hotel: 79 rooms. All rooms with bathroom, direct dial telephone, music, cable TV, air-conditioning and a minibar. Hotel has a restaurant and a lobby bar,
    ITU guesthouse: 34 rooms. All rooms with bathroom and air-conditioning. Guesthouse has 2 restaurants and a bar and an outdoor swimming pool..

Reservations can be made by returning the hotel accommodation form by fax to :
Magister Tours, Inc.
Halaskargazi Cad. No : 321 / 1
Sisli 80260 - Istanbul, Turkey
Phone : ++90 (212) 230 00 00 pbx
Fax : ++90 (212) 248 40 30
E-mail : magister_pco@turk.net
Reservations will be handled on first-come-first-served basis. Reservation requests must be accompanied by a downpayment of one night room rate of the chosen hotel. The downpayment is nonrefundable, but will be deducted from the final payment which is to be settled with Magister Tours, Inc. latest by 01 July 1999.


Hotel payments should be made either by a certified check (bank draft) issued to the order of Magister Tours, Inc., or by bank transfer to the following account number :

Osmanli Bankasi (Ottoman Bank), Altinbakkal Branch
Istanbul, Turkey
Account Nr.: 048487351, Swift Nr.: otbatris 143

All payments must be in US Dollars and must be free of bank charges to the receiver. If you prefer to pay with credit card (Visa and MasterCard only), please fill the below and fax it to Magister Tours, Inc. Personal checks will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation of your hotel reservation from Magister Tours, Inc. after all necessary reservation procedure is completed.


1) The downpayment which is to accompany your reservation request is nonrefundable.
2) Any cancellation received before deadline (May 31, 1999) will result in reimbursement of the total amount paid except the downpayment of one night room rate.
3) No refund will be made for cancellations received after deadline (May 31,1999).


    Cultural life in Istanbul is very diverse and almost everybody has his own list of preferences what to see or attend before or after the symposium program. It is without saying that the LOC together with Magister symposium management will be helping you in finding your way through the rich spectrum of attractive offers.
    We will have an informal Welcome party with some drinks at the symposium site on Thursday, Aug. 12, at 19:30. Daily city tours will be organised for the accompanying people during the symposium days. The symposium dinner will be organised in Ortakoy (on the Bosphorus) on Saturday, Aug.14, at 20:00. Price will be US$ 40 per person.


The organisers cannot accept responsibility for accidents which might occur. Participants are encouraged to obtain travel insurance (medical, personal accident, and luggage) in their home country prior the departure.


    A special booklet with abstracts of all presented contributions will be prepared by the Scientific Organising Committee prior to the Conference and will be distributed to all participants after arrival. Instructions for the preparation of the camera ready abstract are given in the following and should be strictly followed.
    Abstracts must be submitted for invited as well as for contributed papers in electronic form not later than May 31, 1999 and must be written in English and in the specified format. An abstract should not contain more than 300 words (including articles and small words). Abstracts not fulfilling the rules may be rejected without further consideration. Abstracts submitted after this date will not be included in the ``Symposium Abstracts Book".
If you do not have the possibility to use the electronic form, you are, of course, welcome to submit an abstract by post.

Please regard the following two D E A D L I N E S :
M A Y 31 : Registration Form (including abstract) by e-mail to eclips99@boun.edu.tr
M A Y 31 : Hotel Reservation Form directly to Magister Tours Inc. by FAX